How to Choose a Reliable Electrician

Many of us take the electrics around our home or business for granted. However, it is not until something goes wrong that we realise how important they are in our day-to-day lives. As such, knowing how to choose a reliable electrician to get the job done rather than try to complete it yourself is vital. 

To help, we have highlighted several signs to look out for in a good electrician to ensure you can get your electrical problems resolved as soon as possible.

License & Registration

When it comes to how to choose a reliable electrician, perhaps the most essential point to consider is whether they possess a current license and registration. A license guarantees that your electrician has completed the relevant courses and has the correct qualifications for the work at hand.  

Adherence to Safety Standards 

Essential for you and your family’s safety, as well as that of your electrician, proper adherence to safety standards while working on your property is vital. An electrician who takes risks and disregards safety procedures is much more likely to cause an accident.


While your electrician may be an expert in their profession, accidents still happen. Checking your electrician holds the relevant insurance will ensure that should something go wrong, you won’t have to worry about the costs.


As previously mentioned, checking your electrician’s license and membership of professional bodies, such as the ECA, is an easy way of knowing whether you hold the qualifications for their role. However, it is important to make sure that the qualifications your electrician possess are relevant to the work they plan on undertaking. 

Online Reviews from Reputable Sites 

Reputable online review sites can often be a great way for knowing how to choose a reliable electrician. Seeing what a number of past clients think of an electrician and whether they would recommend them can be incredibly helpful when deciding whether to use their services.

Communication and General Feeling 

One of the easiest signs to look out for in a good electrician is in their communication and the overall feeling they give.

An electrician who is prompt, reliable and a good communicator will naturally give off a good feeling, and it is likely this good behaviour will continue on into their work. 

On the other hand, an electrician who is slow to respond, hard to get a hold of or vague about their services will likely not be someone you can rely upon to do a good job.

Choosing a Reliable Electrician: Final Thoughts

We hope our article has provided you with several signs to look out for in a good electrician. Here at A & J Bartlett Ltd, our reliable electricians follow all safety guidelines and hold the relevant licenses and insurance. We are industrial electricians, commercial electricians and domestic electricians offering a wide range of services. To learn more or book an appointment, get in touch by calling us on 01530 412504 or email

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